IQ IT: Intelligent Quality through Information Technology

EHRs: Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology

Electronic Health Records, also referred to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are certified, some not.  And some are developed organically or in-house by physicians because software solutions offered on the market are excessive for the needs of the practice, too expensive, and promise too little return on investment.

Providers reluctant to make the switch to electronic records are certainly justified in their concerns:

  • Sufficient return on investment
  • Time and money involved in purchase/lease, implementation, and training
  • Meeting "Meaningful Use" criteria for federal funding
  • Finding minimally invasive technology that works with existing processes
  • Truly improving the health care of and services to their patients

Gray Matter Consulting understands your concerns, and will help you find the system that will integrate with your existing workflow, making your worklife easier, your office run more efficiently, and allow you to focus on your patients rather than their records.